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I will get back to everyone and let everyone know that I've moved! UPDATE YOUR LINKS PLEASE!

I'm very indecisive with blogs account haha, haven't have any that satisfied me. BUT, GO add my main website TOGABITO.WEBS.COM, it contains my illustrated works, etc. etc. and of course my blog. Though, it's still being fixed and everything so yea not much is up yet, but no worries my blog is~ Haha, but yes yes, I will still use my TUMBLR [ ] from time to time.

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I ONLY have a short time with the internet so I will state this quickly, I'VE JOINED TUMBLR! Find me@
I will get back to everyone and let everyone know that I've moved! Since my time is very short right now. =[ BUT YES UPDATE YOUR LINKS PLEASE!

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[At parents' house : so taking advantage of the internet!] Thinking of moving my blog to Tumblr...! XD I've been with Pitas for a nice long while, I think it's a little time for a little once I get my tumblr on and going I'll update everyone for new changes! XD

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Some of my cosplay photos. Me cosplaying as Rai from Lamento. I didn't have time to make any comfortable eye patch since I'm pretty much blind and can't see...gotta need some prescribe lens. Hahaha...but yeah. I also didn't have time to make Rai's weapon as well. =[ but yeah oh well. Photograph by one of my friend. XD Click IMAGE to see bigger!

But yeah ANYWAYS! Its already February! YAY my birthday this month...but yeah I ain't doing anything for me birthday just like every year. *sigh* I got INTERNET ACCESS AT PARENTS HOUSE Omfg for only a short while. This is very frustrating especially when I'm taking online courses! GAWD! I need internet access back at home instead of having to come to parents' house all the time! GRrrrr! Need munny.

So, PlAN for this year...lets see...
ALA 2010 was pretty ok, I only went for a day. Saw X-Japan's live music video shoot in Hollywood Blvd. which was super fun haha, though I only got to be there for their last 3-4 songs since my ride came a hours late but thats ok.
SO IN MAY I hope to be attending Korean Music Fest down in LA! And attend FANIME CON 2010 during the same month on Memorial weekend...THIS is gonna come out of me pocket...a lot of money. T^T I'm so broke. But I shall try my best to make this happen!

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HAPPY NEW YEARS everyone!!!!
I'm sorry I will be replying late! I'm getting ready for next week ALA 2010 and seeing X-Japan since they will be doing a music video shoot there in Hollywood! SO YAY! But yeah gonna be on a loooong train ride down to LA. lol XD I'm very excited. YET sooo damn broke at the same time. *sigh* Jeez, but yeah my internet is also down at the moment, so I'm at my parents house to visit and get to be online yay! But yes yes I'm reply late I am sorry. I wish everyone a Happy New Year though! I'm also cosplaying for the anime convention next week so I hope to do some photoshoots with my friend and I shall upload them, so until then I bid everyone a wonderful weekend!

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SO I SHALL BE ATTENDING Anime Los Angeles 2010! YAY! My first ALA! XDDD I'm sooooo damn poor, but my friend from San Diego is going to buy me my train ticket to LA. Thank goodness...but both of us are sooo damn poor as well! Christmas holiday is coming soon too and I'm pretty much broke since I got to buy my secret santa a gift as well. *sigh* Hmmm...but yeah I will be cosplaying Dietrich from Trinity Blood. I placed an order on the costume, since I suck at sewing, haven't sewn in forever since I was a child back in grade school. So yeah, I'm very excited about cosplaying Dietrich.

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HAHAHA XD I want to fill my whole bottom lip with piercings, get eye brow, my neck, and fill my whole ears with piercings. that will cost a lot. dX WAH! I haven't dyed my hair for almost 7 months now! I really want to dye my hair very much! T-T But I have no more bleach, since my sister and sister-in-law used it all...I really want to dye my hair into blue+black for this month, then try all caramel brown someday, green_black, and red+black SOMEDAY!

It's ALREADY DECEMBER 1st!!!! WOW! This year is coming to an end already and a whole new year coming soon! LOL =] Haha reminds me I just ate yummy candy cane from last year, December 2008, hehe it was still yummy! Thank goodness candies preserve for somewhat a long time. So I ate em candy canes.

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HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE! Well, early thanksgiving celebration at my cousins house...and then tomorrow is my parents thanksgiving plus my other cousins, and then the following day is my other cousin's thanksgiving dinner as well! OMFG!!!! This is sooo fattening! T-T I'm gaining all these damn weight and unwanted fatty acid add-ons to my tummy, my thighs, my face! Ugggh, the fatness I have! >.> 3 days of food with the whole family and cousins...oh gawd. THEN Christmas will also be the same as well!

Oh my my, this is NOT helping with my diet...because gosh all these good yummy food! Ugh. I wanted to loose weight and go on a diet, and be able to grow taller! I realllllly am trying to grow taller as ideal height is 5'10" O_o that is my ideal! grrrr damn this gene of mines! I wanna be taller! But yeah after all these Thanksgiving dinners, I am going on a diet with boil eggs and water!!!! I'm going to cut down my calories to 1,000 cal a day! Since one boil egg is only 70 calories, this will help me in my starting new diet, with eating 3 eggs a day, drinking a lot of water, and consuming 2 cups of milk each day! This may sound super killing myself situation...but HEY I'm serious about this and really am going to do this! So, my plans for year 2010...I should do this for a couple of months and see how it all goes. XD I hope there will be results! AND since I believe that I can still grow some more inches, that means getting good sleep as well. XDDD

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INSOMNIA~ LOL seriously been feeling like this somewhat HAHA! No matter what time I slept for the past few days, I keep waking up around 6am in the morning! Then...get some tossing and turning too. I set my alarm to wake me up at 8am but I always wake up around 6am. I'm waking up earlier than expected. This happened again today as well... LOL, but yeah yesterday was two of my friends birthday party that which we did at the park by the museum. It was fun but got boring at some point then some friends I haven't seen for quite a long while came and it was nice talking to them. Ah, I envy them for some of them are going to the Dir en Grey concert 2 weeks from now! T-T DAMN them! I'm too broke right now! *BIG SIGH* but yeah I was pretty much cold the whole time, from 10am-6am without a jacket! That was cold...had some cold chill winds too, dang. BUT yeah got home and changed and wrap myself with my blanket while I played video game.

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T-T Internet DIED! AHHHHHHHHHHH! But yeah hahaha its back up and I have been gaming most of my days. LMFAO! hehe nothing new much. DX Finished paying bills and stuff. OH SHIT! Happy Friday the 13th! If you believe in superstition that is. Well, I forgot all about it haha! Oh and good news, I've been trying to work out a lot more. YESH exercise! HAHAHAHA maybe year 2010 goal is to loose weight, get abs, muscles, and grow taller! LOL XD impossible stuffs but I still believe I can Grow!!!!!!!

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The Hyrule Prince of Time ~
Click image for larger view! Better details! <333 LOL XD So I haven't been drawing much due to ART BLOCK! Well, I've been in an artblock in forever so I did a fanart of Link from The Legend of Zelda, one of my ALL time favorite hero and game. HAHA XD To see if I still kept in touch with my drawing skillz. Unfortunately, I have not yet found myself, my type of artwork, my style yet...I really want to head towards Semi-realism and Anime mix, but I'm restarting from stage one working with Anime style before I add semi-realism. Although, I have to say, I'm somewhat satisfied with this piece. Haha, took me 3hrs just to sketch this one out...then the hours for coloring...OMG I don't even know because I was on and off, distracted by playing Magna Carta II and other trivial things around the house. Well leave some comments and tell me what you think of this piece! Ah, and please do not use my illustrations without permission please. Thank you!

I thought of opening my own website mainly for my artwork someday...but I need to learn flash....because I suck at flash stuff. HAHA always love flash stuff, but I am no good. Always wanted to work with flash for my illustration website. *sigh* But yeah I also thought of opening up commissions someday too, so I can at least save money for a Cintique, since those things are sooo COSTLY! Like about 1-2grand! CRAZY! But they are super duper awesome for illustrations stuff, and I really thought of maybe someday getting a MAC desktop or whatever to work with my illustrations and stuff since laptops don't hold much memory in its ram in my opinion that is and plus I get a bigger screen to work on. BUT thats in the future HAHAHA! I'm too dead broke right now. LOL XD

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SO! I have NOT been blogging for a long while now...Miss everyone. But yeah A lot of things has been happening with life here and there. I am finally BACK though! I bought Magna Carta II and the damn Xbox360 Elite just so I can play this game! I personally don't really like xbox because I'm more a PS3 person, but some of my RPG games are only released for the 360 so I got to get one. Spent my whole check on it...totally penniless now. TAT. Well, I guess I can only turn to video games...since my family is going through a lot right dad and mom hasn't been in good terms...Mom is thinking of divorcing dad, because a lot of shit is going on. Dad bought a plane ticket and left to Thailand/Laos for the whole month without anyone knowing, before dad left, they were arguing because mom didn't know and so mom accused dad of cheating. Mom says she doesn't want dad when he comes back, and dad says they he doesn't want mom too...I only heard of what happened since I don't live with parents at the moment so my older sister told me what happened. I'm mad and irritated at this...very sad that my family is falling apart. *sigh* So tomorrow mom wants the whole family to meet and so she can discuss. I'm not sure, but everything will probably not be good news.

By the way, I did NOT START college this year...because shit happens and I was not able to attend fall semester. Fuck! I was hella mad and feel shitty. Was supposed to start at CSULA. T-T I should have applied to some art school down in LA instead of stupidly following parents dreams when I could have done something I like to do. *BIG SIGH* Graduate as one of the Top 50's out of my senior class, but didn't get to attend college due to some shitty stuff that was on my transcript, so screw me over hills. But yeah so at the moment, I am TRYING to save money...hahaha for a car, possible rents for apartment down in LA if I do plan to move, and looking for jobs to apply to. The economy sucks really bad right sucks at the moment. Not trying to get all emo and stuff, but I'm just stating the facts.

I shall start blogging again! I need to update my links and stuff so links may not work for now.

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Is fixing up new layout! Will be finished and blogging soon again! YAY! xD

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